Fall From Ladder

CC, then 27, had only been working at Gerry's Automotive for a couple of months. Being the employee with the least seniority, it fell to him to perform those tasks that others refused. It had been raining for several days, during which time several leaks in the shop's roof were discovered. CC's boss instructed him to get onto roof and locate those areas that required patching. Access to the roof was by way of a fixed vertical ladder that was located inside the shop.

As CC reached with his left hand to grab the top rung of the ladder, he related that he was unable to adequately grasp it. He lost his balance and fell to the floor.



HF Issue: Was there some human factor's defect in the design of the ladder that could account for the accident?

HF Analysis: Examination of the area in the vicinity of the top rung revealed the presence of a header.

The distance between the header and the top rung did not provide sufficient clearance for CC's hand. It is likely that his fingers struck the header when he reached for the top rung, which interfered with his ability to grasp it.
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